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What is theBreath® and how was it created?
theBreath® is an innovative patented fabric designed to retain and break down harmful particles in the air; an ally in the fight against household and atmospheric pollution caused by cars, heating systems and industrial emissions.

Our technology is the result of over 3 years of research supported by the Marche Polytechnic in the field of new material engineering. We endeavoured to exploit the natural speed of the air (indoor and outdoor) to transform a new material, theBreath®, into the most powerful non-electrified means capable of removing pollutants from the volume of air beside the installation.
How does theBreath®work?
3 levels that work in synergy: the air passes through the fabric mesh, where the heart of the technology, a core activated by nano molecules, captures and breaks down the pollutants. The air then continues to move naturally, coming back into circulation cleaner and more breathable. 1. Front level: Printable and antibacterial, it facilitates transpiration of the air. 2. Central level: A carbon cartridge which adsorbs, retains and breaks down the polluting molecules and bad odours. 3. Rear level: Printable and antibacterial.

Applications (3)

Are outdoor installations possible?
Along roads and motorways, on buildings, in construction sites, on advertising hoardings, street furniture and road signs, on fencing around building sites, near air conditioners and boiler flues. The air temperature in cities is normally slightly higher than in the surrounding environment, as there is less vegetation and materials that absorb the sun’s rays are used. Materials heat up and cool down constantly, thus creating air currents that remain “trapped” between high rise buildings. In this air currents, the concentration of harmful pollutants* is very high. * Carbon monoxide Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) Tropospheric ozone Particulate matter (PM10, PM0.1 and PM2.5) Sulphur dioxide (S02) Hydrocarbons and lead.
How do indoor applications work?

Generally we recommend not wetting the product intentionally, keeping the product away from major sources of heat (above 70 °C) and avoiding cuts or chafing.

General Information (5)

How long does it last?
Carbon cartridge life (recommended): - Indoor 18 months - Outdoor 6 months
How do you wash the product?
The outer sides of the product can even be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of up to 90 °C. The central carbon section is not washable.
Which pollutants does theBreath® absorb?
Nel caso ci fossero necessità di abbattere forme diverse di inquinanti, oggi non citate, e un business model lo ritenesse opportuno, non avremmo alcuna difficoltà ad iniziare una ricerca scientifica per capire come conseguire il risultato richiesto.
In what quantity?
Taking as reference the data released by the University’s scientific research, below we report the adsorption values determined by the tests conducted by the methods indicated in the certified standards.

The studies on the effectiveness of theBreath® were carried out with the SIMAU Department of the Marche Polytechnic University. The tests were carried out according to the international UNI, ISO, ANSI standards.
What is the reel size?
Height: 1.50 m
Length: 80 m