theBreath® is a certified fabric that neutralizes viruses such as Coronaviruses up to 98.75%

Thanks to the new antiviral certification and the ability to adsorb harmful substances present in the air, theBreath® technology,
developed by the Italian company Anemotech, is unique on the market.

theBreath®, also thanks to the recent ISO 18184: 2019 certification, relating to the antiviral activity of fabrics, is a unique product on the market and is a zero-impact technological solution that helps to purify the atmosphere.
the Breath
the Breath
the Breath
Biocidal bacteriostatic
the Breath
Energy Free

Zero emissions

Endless application of use

From gadgets, to paintings, to external decorations

the Breath

theBreath®, prodotto da Anemotech

PMI innovativa 100% italiana, dalla forte presenza internazionale

Anemotech, a company focused on the development of sustainable technologies, markets a new antiviral version of theBreath®. theBreath® is a patented fabric designed to absorb and disaggregate domestic and atmospheric pollution. The technology exploits the natural air flow and reintroduces cleaner and more breathable air.

theBreath® fabric has obtained ISO 18184: 2019 certification for its antiviral activity (including coronaviruses), eliminating up to 98.75% of the viral load in 2 hours.
Its external filtering membrane is made of 100% polyester fiber integrated with silver ion molecules that kill bacteria , molds and viruses in contact; the solid structure, thus composed, acts as a casing for the adsorbent part, constituted by the carbon membrane.

The external coating allows a first filtration of the dust, in order to use the internal technology only for the micro polluting molecules present in the area adjacent to the technology.


Unlimited possibilities of Interior Design

the Breath
the Breath
the Breath

Three layers that work in synergy

the Breath

theBreath® looks like a simple fabric but it is an innovative multilayer fabric that contains cutting-edge technology capable of fighting atmospheric pollution and purifying the air of indoor and outdoor environments. It is completely passive, working with the natural air flow not requiring any additional power source.

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