Innovative Solutions

We help people live in a better habitat

Innovative Solutions

The opportunities offered by theBreath® are endless.

Every day our engineers and researchers are developing new solutions and applications to create safer, healthier and better environments.
theBreath© fabrics are perfect for the automotive industry, childcare, the fashion sector, public administration and any other aspect of our daily life.

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theBreath® - Antiviral Fabric

The new antiviral version of theBreath® fabric, suitable for any application.

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theBreath® Canopy Stroller

The canopy for stroller and pram that protects against pollution.

theBreath® Canopy Stroller and Bassinet is the innovative hood that protects your child from air pollution when they are out and about in their pram or stroller.

The hood, made with the innovative theBreath® technology, purifies the air, protecting your child when you go for a walk. The fabric contains an anti-odour carbon cartridge that absorbs and traps the polluting molecules inside its structure and prevents them from being released back.

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Dassault Systèmes

Kengo Kuma presents “Breath/ng”_Milano Design Week


During the Milan Design Week, the 3D Experience Dassault Systèmes company collaborated with global thought leaders, including the archistar Kengo Kuma, to allow visitors to discover design and technology combine to develop solutions that can reduce problems that threaten the health of our planet.

"Breath / ng", a 6 m high spiral installation, consists of 120 origami panels, in theBreath® fabric, hand-folded and fixed by 46 joints printed in 3D.

Including 175 square meters, the installation could absorb pollutants of about 90,000 cars a year, according to a projection on real data.

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Industries Join Art

During the Indart exhibition, which took place in September at the Villa Reale in Monza, twenty contemporary artists combined with ten Italian companies of excellence have transformed the raw materials made available to them by the project partners into twenty unpublished works of art.

"Vortice Bianco" and "Jardin des Plantes" are the works that Riccardo Gusmaroli and Aldo Damioli created using thePure canvas.

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Green Week

The breathe of nature

A late September dedicated to greenery, at the Green Week 2018, where also theBreath participates with the installation ‘TreeBute, a kind of Green’, born from an idea of the Strategic Advisor Antonella Ferrara and produced by Kīdu Creative Creators.

A scenographic project aimed at stimulating the perception of the signals launched by Nature.

An artistic journey that starts with the exhibition of a selection of extraordinary shots by the photographer, director and explorer Luca Bracali taken from his latest volume "The breath of Nature" (Silvana Editoriale).

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Can a T-shirt save the world?

“Not one, but many yes” is the reply from Kloters, which has decided to use theBreath® fabric to create the first “breathing” T-shirt. RepAir is the new frontier in green fashion: anyone can contribute to improving the environment by just wearing an item of clothing.