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theBreath® is the first zero impact fabric that needs no power source to be activated.

It is the result of experimentation and development work by the company Anemotech S.r.l. Researchers developed the tissue after more than three years of study, and the result is surprising

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About US

Anemotech S.r.l. is the first Italian company founded with the aim of developing technologies to enhance people’s well-being, improving their quality of life and promoting a healthier environment.

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theBreath® is designed to adapt to any indoor space, from the smallest room to big and very big volumes.
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Banca Generali

Now the air in Banca Generali offices is cleaner.

The group has in fact installed the innovative theBreath® panels on the walls of all its offices in Trieste and Milan. Not only corporate welfare,

but also internal communication: the panels, which are completely customisable, will in fact also serve to involve employees in CSR initiatives undertaken by the bank.
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Urban Vision

The first green advertising agency in Europe.

In accordance with its mission, always attentive to environmental issues, Urban Vision has chosen to adopt theBreath® in order to ensure the full sustainability of all its Out of Home realizations. Thanks to theBreath®technology, Urban Vision has become the point of reference for all companies intending to use advertising investments to improve the environment.
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Can a T-shirt save the world?
“Not one, but many yes” is the reply from Kloters, which has decided to use theBreath® fabric to create the first “breathing” T-shirt. RepAir is the new frontier in green fashion: anyone can contribute to improving the environment by just wearing an item of clothing.
Metres of theBreath® fabric
* Absorption projection based on real test carried out in the city centre of Milan, on annual basis. The benefits regarding the cars “eliminated” by the Breath fabric refers to the area within theBreath® installation where cars circulate. Depending on the amount of fabric used, the "elimination" of more or less cars will be obtained, with a more or less wide range of action